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Projects We Are Working On

UnBound Zine

UnBound Zine is an online and free-to-download semiannual publication centering and uplifting the voices and works of marginalized communities, including but not limited to, women, trans, nonbinary, BIPOC, and LGBT+ folks. We publish creative works such as visual art, photography, writing, and more. UnBound believes that freely amplifying marginalized voices through their creative works is an act of rebellion against existing structures and systems of oppression.

Upcoming Projects


Absolutely Feral podcast - (coming 2023)

Hosted by UAC directors Lashonda Love and Enkfi Saviero. 

Two absolutely feral creatures talk about stuff that makes white dudes big mad. They probably have rabies.

Episodes will be available in February 2023.

Have a project pitch?

We are always looking for new ways to collaborate in community. From digital residencies to workshops and interview series, we are interested in participating in whatever you have going on. Please email pitches to

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