Submission Guidelines

Production of UnBound Zine is currently on hiatus

Upcoming Issues and Submissions Deadlines:

UnBound Zine is currently on hiatus so our small, but mighty team can work on other creative projects and individual gigs. Thanks for your patience!

Why are we on hiatus?

To our lovely readers,

Our UAC staff has worked hard through the pandemic to continue bringing the zine to our community, but with the continued fatigue from the current global pandemic, life obligations, and the general unpaid nature of our work here, rest is necessary. 

UnBound will continue to work on creative projects as we have staff and energy to do so - please continue to check back here or on our Instagram for the latest information.

UnBound Zine will likely not resume until well into 2022 at the earliest. We appreciate your love and support and promise to keep giving you more of what you want to see when we are recharged, well-rested, and deeply inspired to continue this work.

Much love and stay safe,

UAC Team


Not sure about something?

Submissions themes are here as a guide, not an absolute blueprint or restriction of your work. You're free to interpret the issue themes and incorporate them into your work at your own discretion. If you are unsure whether your work meshes with the theme OR you have content you would like us to consider (such as music or video files), pitch us your ideas or submit your fully crafted and complete works.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please reach out to us at

We currently accept LIMITED submissions from cismen (individuals assigned "male" at birth who also identify as "men"). We aren't here to be the gender police, but we also don't take too kindly to folks who try to bullshit us about this. You can be cool about it or you can complain about it. Doesn't change our policies.


Dimensions for visual art/images: our pages are 8.5 in width x 11 in height and may appear in browsers as a 2-page spread (17in W x 11in H - landscape). Please limit to no more than 8-10 smaller works or no more than four 17 x 11 works. 

We do accept works with transparent backgrounds.

Written submissions: .docx or google docs only. please limit to no more than 3500 words for fiction and no more than 4 poems. We also accept nonfiction and articles of higher word counts on a case-by-case basis. If your written work will exceed this limitation (such as short stories or novel excerpts) please consider submitting your work as a series, a link on our resources page, or reach out to us at


*In accordance with copyright compliance, we are unable to use custom fonts unless you are the sole owner and creator of said font. 

What to Send

We just streamlined our submissions process!

Please submit all work via Google Forms here

If the link doesn't open in a new tab, try clicking this link:

Please email with any questions

Content Guidelines

racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, ableist, or other works targeting specific groups of people will not be accepted. If you will be using content that features slurs or other degrading words/imagery and you are not sure if it will be acceptable under our terms, don't hesitate to email with any questions. We understand artistic freedom and respect groups' rights to reclaim and repurpose words that have been meant to hurt and oppress them, but bigotry doesn't really pass the vibe check.

WHY DO WE HAVE TO SAY THIS: do NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES email us artwork depicting abuse of a child or animals. We will permanently ban you and your works from ever appearing in our publication, blog, or social pages. Depending on the severity/content, we may also report you to the authorities.

All written works will be subject to editing/proofreading. If your writing is illegible, contains majority errors, or would strain our editing calendar, we reserve the right to deny your submission or request that you regroup for the next issue (we make exceptions for language barriers/if English is not your first language just let us know!). However, if you disagree vehemently with any edits made, you may opt-out of the submission process at any time. We will only kind of take it personally.